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Bliss Mattress A combination of Reflect™ Foam and a layer of individually pocketed Reflect™ Springs create a Hybrid.. Dormeo Product #: Bliss Mattress 2 - 3 Days

Bliss Mattress

Brand: Dormeo
Product Code: Bliss Mattress


A combination of Reflect™ Foam and a layer of individually pocketed Reflect™ Springs create a Hybrid mattress that offers a spring-like feel without the upward pressure and effortless support across the surface

The key ingredient in this Hybrid mattress lies in a thick layer of reactive Reflect™ foam that has been specially designed to offer a latex like spring feel. Not too firm, or too soft with great bounce-back ‘spring like feel’, this next generation foam offers fantastic support to the spine, working wonders at easing stress on the body’s pressures points.

What makes this possible is the Reflect™ Foam’s unique supportive air technology which utilises billions of microscopic air capsules to provide outstanding support while dramatically reducing pressure. Each of these tiny cells act like an individual shock absorber cushion, releasing air independently as pressure increases. This independent response helps ensure individualised comfort and support. Studies show that this high-density foam greatly reduces pressure to the hip and back area when compared to traditional mattress materials, with up to 4 times more peak pressure reduction. This reduction in pressure creates superior comfort.

The Reflect™ foam layer has been formulated with an open cell structure along with Active Air-Flow technology that increases the flow of air through the foam vs memory foam. This means that unlike traditional foam, it is not temperature sensitive so helps to keep you cool and fresh all night long.

A layer of Reflect™ springs, the mattress amplifies the effortless support for ease of movement and creates a more traditional mattress feel.

Under the layer of Reflect™ Springs is a layer of high-quality supportive memory foam that aids effortless body contouring. The mattress has been engineered as the perfect medium firmness mattress which offers all the benefits of memory foam, such as reduced pressure relief and no motion transfer, with the extra support of Reflect™ Foam.

To top off this incredible product, a luxurious non-allergenic knitted cover with anti-bacterial treatment delivers the perfect solution against dust mites, fungi, bacteria and unpleasant odours, for you to enjoy the most blissful and clean sanctuary night after night.

Proudly made to exacting standards in the UK, the high-density foam offers outstanding resilience and excellent durability. That’s why it comes with a reassuring 10 Year Limited Warranty, as well as a free Reflect™ foam pillow, to complete your perfect bliss.

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