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The name 'Vispring' comes from the Roman numeral VI - the optimum number of coils in unique bed springs.

Vispring beds are meticulously constructed by hand by men and women who have trained for years to learn their craft. They use only the finest natural materials such as Shetland wool, raw silk, warm cashmere, springy horsetail, strong coir and supple bamboo. They do not use synthetic foam or glue in their mattresses and there is generally 50% more upholstery in a Vispring bed than in most other beds.

The founding principles of quality and craftsmanship remain their guiding tenets more than 100 years later. Today the company sets the standard for the production of sumptuous mattresses and sprung divans and offer a lifetime guarantee for ultimate piece of mind.

Vispring understand how to achieve a good night’s rest. That knowledge informs every element of the production of a Vispring Mattress or Bed – natural fabrics that create the ideal temperature for sleep; vents that allow air to circulate through the mattress, enhancing freshness; densely packed fillings, fine fabrics and careful stitching, which maintain the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.

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