New Trend Concepts Upholstery in Cornwall

New Trend Concepts is today one of the most influential and significant presences within the italian upholstery sector. Their mission statement can be summarized as follows: ‘to interpret solutions to offer a contemporary, timeless aesthetic as well as craftsmanship accessible to a large segment of the public’.

In other words, New Trend Concepts have built a reputation for producing high-quality, traditional and contemporary upholstery using attractive, commercial new covers, offering first-rate comfort with reasonable prices and good service.

From the initial design, through all phases of realisation, to the final product, every New Trend Concepts piece is the result of an industrial heritage that still strives for excellence.

All New Trend Concepts products are a clear demonstration of our experience, which enables us to go beyond the conventional. This means looking for the finest leathers, personalised designs and a rigorous selection of the highest quality to guarantee the uniqueness and the character of every New Trend Concepts product. When you sit on a New Trend Concepts product, you will notice the difference that comes from this experience and these choices, the difference that makes your choice unique, like our products.

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