Hestia Motion – Independent Adjustable Bed

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    The Hestia® Motion and Hestia® range of beds are a luxurious collection of mattresses, divans and adjustable beds, designed to give you sublime comfort and deep, restful sleep. They have the latest fillings, materials and fabrics available without compromise. Space age technology is used in the foam and fabric production for ultimate temperature control and performance.

    The mattress covers are treated with Fresche®, a durable antimicrobial film which offers excellent long-lasting broad spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection which has also been effectively tested against superbugs such as MRSA and E-Coli.

    CoolMax® was originally developed as a sportswear performance fabric for athletes, helping to reduce moisture secretion and regulate temperature. Thanks to these unique properties, it makes an ideal mattress fabric, helping reduce night time perspiration and keeping the body cool, thus giving a better nights’ sleep.

    The INDEPENDENT base features state of the art technology that puts you at the centre of the bed’s motion. While other adjustable bed bases lift your upper body away from the wall (and away from your bedside table), the Independent bed, with Wallhugger engineering, raises you while simultaneously gliding you back. That means your favourite book, remote control and beside table
    are within easy reach whenever you are ready for them.


    • 5 panel wallhugger action with two lift motors for upper and lower body
    • Provides individual support to head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower thighs, legs and feet; giving imporved sleep qulity.
    • Upholstered mattress retainer bar
    • Unique anti-snore feature
    • A heavy-duty frame which can take weights up to 57 stone
    • Comes with radio frequency memory motor, massage unit, underbed lighting and USB charger as standard