Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress

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    Smarter and softer, the Octasmart® Hybrid Deluxe mattress features 100% more memory foam than our Octasmart® Hybrid Plus mattress for a softer, deeper, more luxurious smart sleeping sensation. This deep 24cm mattress features 4 layers of smart technology surrounded by a smart performance cover.

    The combination of technologies and innovative materials create outstanding performance and comfort in this mattress. Rated with a medium soft firmness due to the extra deep layer of luxurious memory foam, you can be reassured that this mattress will comfort and cradle you right through the night.

    Octaspring® technology at the core provides the difference that can’t be found anywhere else. Not only does its unique structure make this bed actually breathe, the smart body zones create optimal support to your head, shoulders and hips. Combined with a layer of individual pocket springs, the mattress responds intelligently to your body keeping you fully supported whilst providing a more traditional, bouncier feel.
    Smart Comfort at Heart.