Roller Blinds

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    Louvers can be tilted to your desired position to effectively control light and glare. With huge fabric choice available and Senses headrail these are no longer for offices only

    Hand Made Blinds

    Made to measure roller blinds combine practicality with style to give a fantastic window furnishing option for your home. Roller blinds are the most popular choice of blind as they are easy to operate and are maintenance free. We have the most extensive collection of roller blinds in the market including our unique Louise Body & Townhouse collections. We offer a variety of base cloths including voile, dimout, blackout and PVC. Roller blinds can help transform your home decor. Roller blinds can also be motorised and linked to smart home systems.


    Combining the most desirable aesthetic features with sleek & innovative design at its heart, the Senses Blind System will impress, inspire and make luxury a truly attainable everyday asset. Enhance your blind with our stylish aluminium fascia which comes in a variety of metallic finishes. The metallic headrail colours are perfectly complemented by the bottombar and endcap finishes which let you style your blind to suit your room. Our accessories range means you can also add a choice of pulls to your blind.

    Louise Body Prints

    We have partnered with the award winning fabric and wallpaper designer Louise Body to create a truly unique and uplifting roller blind collection. Louise is a fine art graduate and has been designing fabrics and wallpapers since 2001 and has produced collections for the likes of John Lewis and Laura Ashley. This collaboration is a first for Rol-lite blinds and we are able to offer Louise Body digitally printed roller blinds exclusively in the UK and Ireland.

    Motorised Blinds – Automated window blinds

    Motorised blinds can be operated via a wall control panel or remote control. They provide a modern, functional and provide a fantastic addition to any home. We are able to fulfill all requirements and are sure to keep abreast of technological developments including the latest in smart home technology. We offer full technical support and assist you in programming your electric blinds. With no cords or chain, electric blinds are completely child safe and are less open to breakage.