August 2021

Well summer is here or have we already had the best of it?

We are still experiencing severe issues from a large number of our suppliers due to ‘COVID PINGINGS’, transportation and component issues. This has in turn led to unprecidented delivery times for a number of items.

We have been informed by some companies that to recieve guaranteed delivery before Christmas orders must be placed before August 20th!! I would recommend that if you are thinking of new furniture and you wish to recieve it this year then don’t delay! We still are able to supply a number of goods from our extensive range of stock for those emergencies.

Thank you for all the support we have recieved since our reopening. There seems to have been a sea change to block and mortar retailers and we have heard a number of horror stories from customers who bought furniture online during shutdown.

Lets hope we are now returning to some sort of normality.