COVID Secure Guidance

At present we are only able to carry out any flooring or carpet installations in occupied housing in line with the current rules and government guidelines on safe distancing and working practices.

Customer service visits are also presently on hold until further relaxation of the rules permit them to be safely carried out to guidelines.

If we have an order ready for you we will contact you to arrange a delivery date and collect any outstanding balance relating to the order.

We will at this point ask you to confirm that no-one in your household is being shielded or are in the vulnerable category and that no-one currently or within the last 14 days has shown any symptoms of Covid-19.

We will ask if you wish for delivery into a specific room or if you would prefer a ‘doorstep’ drop-off. If delivery is to a specific room we would ask that you keep at least 2 metres away from our delivery team and wherever possible in a completely different part of the property.

Our delivery team will photograph the delivered items either on the doorstep or in the room as proof of delivery.

Naturally if you do not wish to take delivery of your goods until a later date we will gladly store them in our warehouse without charge but would ask for payment of any outstanding balance.

Our delivery teams will be equipped with face visors and gloves and our vehicles with alcohol based sanitiser. All vehicles will be regularly deep cleaned.

On opening we will initially be contacting those customers whose deliveries were scheduled then interrupted by the shutdown to complete their orders. We will be operating with reduced staff numbers and so your patience at this time is much appreciated.